Thanks Derek Sivers!

It was very timely to receive an email today with the story of Derek’s /now page. At a time in my life when I’m refocusing on my priorities, and even just trying to figure out what those priorities are, this was a good thing to read. So here it goes, my /now declaration:

  • Self and family- Does this decision negatively impact or place a strain on myself or my family in any way?
  • Friends- Does this decision negatively impact my relationships with friends?
  • Financial feasibility- Is it financially feasible? Right now, if it’s not in the budget, it doesn’t happen. Period.
  • Down time- Have I been able to have enough down time this week? This is something that is particularly important to me as I come off of several years of working 7 days a week and over extending myself in many many ways.
  • Creative time- Am I making enough time each week for creative activities?
  • Physical Activity- Have I┬áremembered to get off of my ass enough this week?


That’s it, my declaration of priorities. Easy!